This is what the BIBI-SPY software can do for you

Intercepts SMS

All text and multimedia messages sent (and the deleted ones, too) from the tapped phone will be copied and delivered to the control panel, with the related phone numbers and message content.

Intercepts the Emails

BIBI-SPY is able to store and record all the emails sent and received using providers like Gmail, Yahoo and MSN. You can check all the correspondence of the target phone from you computer or laptop.

Saves Audio Photos & Videos

The audio files, photos and videos shoot with the device on which BIBI-SPY is installed, are stored and can comfortably be viewed and downloaded anytime from the web interface.

GPS Tracking

Thanks to the integrated GPS functionality of smartphones, our software is able to know precisely the geographic location of the device at a given time, or trace his/her movements in a given time span.

Spy Chats on Social Medias

All chat that took place with different messaging services such as Skype and Messenger, but also on social networks like Facebook are saved in text format, and you can view them in real time or comfortably examine them on your home PC at a later time.

Save Appointment’s Calendar

All appointments present on the phone’s agenda are recorded and available for display on your PC. Knowing in advance someone’s appointment you’ll always know what he/she’s doing being always one step ahead.