GPS Tracking

An excellent functionality of BIBI-SPY, thanks to GPS and therefore in real time, is to precisely locate the position of the phone. You’ll exactly know where your spouse is when he/she is away from home, thanks to the GPS locations displayed on Google maps.

The program uses the tapped mobile’s GPS and will activate it automatically by storing the position at scheduled intervals. You can follow your children meter by meter, second by second. Up to knowing, in some cases, the speed at which they are going. Whether by foot or by car.

In the case where the satellite has troubles in the detection the pieces of information will come alternatively from the phone cell. Just a single warning. If the mobile phone to tap is an android device, try to limit the GPS tracking requests, as this kind of requests lets the satellite GPS icon appear.

40% of teens admit to lie often to their parents when asked where he/she is

Here’s the GPS section of the web interface, where you can display in real time the position and movements of the target phone



This software allowed me to discover what my boyfriend was trying to hide to was not pleasant but I’m grateful to BIBI-SPY for helping me discover the truth once and for all!
Rob. C., 28 y.o., Roma
Rob. C.
I was really worried about some of my 14years old son’s new friendships. I gave him a phone where BIBI-SPY had been installed, and now I’m no longer anxious because I always know where he is and what he’s doing.
Marc P., 44 y.o., Florence
Marc P.

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