Hidden and discrete

BIBI-SPY works in a completely hidden way and is not detectable (IF ROOTED) in any way by the user of the phone who will then not be able to uninstall it as he/she pleases.

In particular, the software does not show the icons that usually appear when using an app. For example:

  • The icon of the software is hidden from the homescreen of the phone
  • The icon of the software is hidden from the phone’s Task Manager (only if ROOTED)
  • Hides proof that the phone was rooted (hides icon SuperSU)
  • Removes installation traces


This software allowed me to discover what my boyfriend was trying to hide to me..it was not pleasant but I’m grateful to BIBI-SPY for helping me discover the truth once and for all!
Rob. C., 28 y.o., Roma
Rob. C.
I was really worried about some of my 14years old son’s new friendships. I gave him a phone where BIBI-SPY had been installed, and now I’m no longer anxious because I always know where he is and what he’s doing.
Marc P., 44 y.o., Florence
Marc P.

See what BIBI-SPY can do

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