Send Text Messages from the Target Phone

With our software you can send a text message from the target phone to a recipient of your choice. Basically you will send a text message as if it was the owner of the target phone who sends it.

This function can have hundreds of uses but is dangerous and must be used with caution to avoid troubles. By using this feature in fact you will no longer be some passive listeners, but will instead substantially intervene on the problem. Only you can assess the consequences and if it’s worth intervening or not.

75% of the unfaithful partners uses Text Messages to communicate with his/her lover


This software allowed me to discover what my boyfriend was trying to hide to was not pleasant but I’m grateful to BIBI-SPY for helping me discover the truth once and for all!
Rob. C., 28 y.o., Roma
Rob. C.
I was really worried about some of my 14years old son’s new friendships. I gave him a phone where BIBI-SPY had been installed, and now I’m no longer anxious because I always know where he is and what he’s doing.
Marc P., 44 y.o., Florence
Marc P.

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